death in the United States today. There is essentially no satisfactory medication for it. No way to cause long-term, profound, and permanent weight loss. During treatment, we can get continuous weight loss while you are on the drug, but more importantly when you stop taking the drug, you maintain your weight loss due to Axokine. This has not been seen with any other treatment before.

After only a 3-month treatment, at the end of a year, you are more than 15 pounds below the placebo group, and the hope is that you can continue to lose even more weight if you stay on the drug longer, and we are now in the midst of the phase-III trial.


I have given you a brief summary of how we have been going about doing things, and how we think this approach has led to exciting findings that might indeed have an impact on human disease. But the most important thing that I have learned after all these years is that no matter what, you still can’t make your Dad happy.

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