plexes may be required to allow the AP2s to self-associate and/or to trigger clathrin assembly and vesicle formation.

We propose then that the kinase inactive mutant blocks cargo recruitment at an early stage in coated vesicle formation, and that overexpression of wildtype AAK1 blocks at a subsequent step. Our future efforts will be directed towards testing this model and elucidating the role of AAK1 in regulating clathrin-mediated endocytosis.

NOTE: The following papers report some of the studies described here, Conner, S. D., and S. L. Schmid. 2002. J Cell Biol. 156:921-9; and Ricotta, D. et al. 2002. J Cell Biol. 156:791-5. Conner, S. D. and S. L. Schmid. 2003. J Cell Biol. 162:773-80.

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