TABLE 3-5 Proposed Components of Evidence-Based Obesity Prevention


Policy or Program Relevance

Relevant Evidence and Information

Types of Outputs

Estimate the Health Burden

Why should we do something about obesity?

  • Show urgency of taking action on obesity

  • Compare costs, health burden, and gains from prevention with other risk factors and diseases

  • Address prioritization of obesity relative to other issues

  • Identify populations of special interest

  • Benchmarks for goal setting

  • Monitoring and surveillance data (e.g., prevalence, trends)

  • Observational studies (e.g., relative risks, occurrence rates in different populations)

  • Economic analyses (e.g., costs of obesity, disability-adjusted life years [DALYs] lost)

  • Informed opinion (e.g., for modeling assumptions)

  • Prevalence estimates including projected trends

  • Estimates of the costs of obesity (direct, indirect, intangible)

  • Comparative health burdens in terms of years of life or DALYs lost

  • Estimated possible reductions in burden with interventions

Identify the Determinants

What are the causative and protective factors that could potentially be targeted by interventions?

  • Identify targets for intervening

  • Relate obesity issues to other existing agendas

  • Identify congruent and conflicting policies and activities

  • Identify the key government, nongovernmental organization, and private sector stakeholders that are central to obesity prevention

  • Observational studies

  • Experimental studies

  • Indirect evidence

  • Monitoring and surveillance data

  • Informed opinion (e.g., on current policie and activities that influence obesity)

  • Evidence reviews of specific modifiable determinants of obesity and its pathways including levels of certainty and likely size of impact

  • Identified important stakeholder groups and areas of congruence and conflict

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