BOX 3-4
Bodies Approved to Certify and Accredit the Quality of Mammography Facilities

Certification Bodies

(issue approval to provide mammography services)

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  • State of Illinois

  • State of Iowa

Accreditation Bodies

(review quality of mammography facility)

  • American College of Radiology (ACR)

  • Arkansas Department of Health

  • Iowa Department of Health

  • Texas Department of Health

Any state can apply to the FDA to become a mammography certification body and any state or nonprofit organization can apply to become an accreditation body; however, as of June 2004, only those listed above are currently approved by the FDA. In May of 2004 the State of California voluntarily withdrew its application seeking status as a mammography facility accreditation body. Most states have relied upon the ACR to set standards for mammography facilities.

most treatable stages by establishing baseline quality standards for facilities performing mammography.118 It is the single most sweeping legislation affecting the early detection of breast cancer. The MQSA is responsible for the stringent set of regulations that govern clinical image quality, equipment, medical records, consumer complaint mechanisms, and personnel qualifications. As a result, mammography is unique among radiologic procedures for the requirements that outline every aspect of daily practice.

The initial push for MQSA legislation was sparked by public concern about the inconsistent quality of mammography and was spearheaded in a national effort led by women’s health organizations and breast cancer advocates. It was shepherded through the legislative process by Senator Barbara Mikulski.

The MQSA includes requirements that breast imaging facilities performing mammography must be certified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services and be accredited by an approved body (see Box 3-4). The

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