FIGURE 9.4 A frame, showing Mount Everest, from a QuickTime video file exported from ArcGlobe. Viewers “travel” from the relatively flat plane of the Indian subcontinent up the steep slopes of the Himalayas before moving out onto the Tibetan Plateau.

  1. ArcGIS includes a new geodatabase format that can be thought of as a “project file cabinet,” with rules affecting the nature of the stored data. The geodatabase can include multiple data types and incorporate large volumes of data, yet it remains a single file that can be easily moved. (However, geodatabases are not yet downward compatible, so ArcView 8.3 cannot read an ArcView 9 geodatabase, though ArcView 9 could read an ArcView 8.3 geodatabase. ArcView 3 and AEJEE cannot read geodatabases at all.)

SOURCE: Charles Fitzpatrick, personal communication, 2005.

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