• What gaps exist in the current understanding of greenhouse gases?

  • What measurements and what modeling capacity are required to quantify the North American carbon budget?

  • What basic research and what resources are needed in the near term to complete our understanding?

  • What specific activities are necessary to answer the policy questions with regard to greenhouse gases?

The administration wants to know the implications for emissions inventories in the context of the voluntary emissions program being pursued. Hannegan said he hoped the workshop could inform policy makers as they grapple with the mechanics of accounting and try to identify specific practices and expected outcomes, so that people are accurately rewarded for sequestering carbon and engaging in practices that will lead to sequestration.

To conclude, Hannegan stressed that policy makers want to be informed by scientists about what is not known or understood and what steps should be taken to fill in these knowledge gaps. Too often, he stated, people advocate what they know, and policy makers are left to determine what information is missing and what research needs to be completed.

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