Stage III

  • Weight loss, > 10% of body weight

  • Unexplained chronic diarrhea, > 1 month

  • Unexplained prolonged fever (intermittent or constant) > 1 month

  • Oral candidiasis

  • Oral hairy leucoplakia

  • Pulmonary tuberculosis

  • Severe bacterial infections (i.e., pneumonia, pyomyositis) And/or performance scale 3: bedridden < 50% of the day during the last month

Stage IV

  • HIV wasting syndrome

  • Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

  • Toxoplasmosis of the brain

  • Cryptosporidiosis with diarrhea > 1 month

  • Cryptococcosis, extrapulmonary

  • Cytomegalovirus disease of an organ other than liver, spleen, or lymph nodes (i.e., retinitis)

  • Herpes simplex virus infection, mucocutaneous (> 1 month) or visceral

  • Progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy

  • Any disseminated endemic mycosis

  • Candidiasis of esophagus, trachea, bronchi

  • Atypical mycobacterioris, disseminated or lungs

  • Nontyphoid salmonella septicemia

  • Extrapulmonary tuberculosis

  • Lymphoma

  • Kaposi’s sarcoma

  • HIV encephalopathy

And/or performance scale 4: bedridden > 50% of the day during the last month


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