lines by the Writing Committee in October 2003, the document was sent to more than 200 institutional and organizational partners worldwide and made available for public consultation from 28 October to 14 November 2003 on the WHO and ITAC websites. WHO wishes to acknowledge comments and contributions by Alexandra Calmy (Switzerland), Andrew Hill (USA), Annabel Kanabus (United Kingdom), Anthony Amoroso (USA), Anthony Harries (Malawi), Artur Kalichman (Brazil), Bernard Taverne (Senegal), Beverley Snell (Australia), Bess Miller (USA), Brian Eley (South Africa), Carrie Jeffries (USA), Charles Gilks (WHO, Switzerland), Chris Duncombe (Thailand), Chris Green (Indonesia), Clement Malau (Australia), David Cohn (USA), Diana Gibb (United Kingdom), Emanuele Pontali (Italy), Emilia Rivadeneira (USA), Eric Van Praag (USA), Fionuala Mcculagh (Cameroon), Francis Onyango (WHO, AFRO), François Dabis (France), Gray Sattler (Philippines), Guido Levi (Brazil), Heloisa Marques (Brazil), Herbert Peterson (WHO, Switzerland), Isabelle Girault (United Kingdom), Jaime Uhrig (Myanmar), Jeffrey Sturchio (USA), Joia Mukherjee (Haiti), Jonathan Cohn (USA), Jose Zuniga (USA), Karin Timmermans (Indonesia), Karyaija Barigye (USA), Keith Alcorn (United Kingdom), Kenji Tamura (WHO, Switzerland), Kulkanaya Chokephaibulkit (Thailand), Lali Khotenashvilli (WHO, EURO), Leon Levin (South Africa), Márcia Dal Fabbro (Brazil), Marcia Rachid (Brazil), Marga Vitgnes (South Africa), Maria Vigneau (WHO, Switzerland), Marinella de la Negra (Brazil), Marta Segu (Spain), Monica Beg (WHO, Switzerland), Mukadi Ya-Diul (USA), Olavo Munhoz (Brazil), Paul Jareg (Norway), Paula Fujiwara (IUATLD, France), Peter Anton (South Africa), Peter Godfrey-Faussett (United Kingdom), Pier Angelo Todo (Italy), Praphan Pranuphak (Thailand), Ricardo Marins (Brazil), Richard Laing (WHO, Switzerland), Robin Gray (WHO, Switzerland), Rosana Del Bianco (Brazil), Sailesh Upadhyay (Nepal), Stephen Spector (USA), Sudarshan Kumari (India), Taimor Nawaz (Bangladesh), Thurma Goldman (USA), Vincent Habiyambere (WHO, Switzerland), William Burman (Denver, USA) and Wladimir Queiroz (Brazil) during the public consultation process. Their contributions were discussed by the Writing Committee on 26 October 2003 and, where appropriate, the draft guidelines were amended to take their suggestions into account.

WHO also wishes to thank the Agence Nationale de Recherche contre le SIDA, Paris, for hosting the meeting of the Writing Committee on 15–17 October 2003.

This work was coordinated by Marco Vitória and Jos Perriëns of WHO/ HTM/HIV, Geneva, Switzerland.

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