to explore and validate new facility concepts.

3D PFA (process flow analysis, or discrete event analysis and simulation and fabrication and assembly flow) is the process of determining the performance of the build plan, given a limited set of resources. This analysis helps to determine the resource levels and cycle times needed to produce a given configuration of a product. PFA can be performed on an individual control station or groups of control stations within the build plan for a single cycle or several years. PFA is one of many enablers that allow us to predict cost and cycle times without having to produce a single unit.

Assembly analyses describe, visualize, analyze, and communicate the proposed build process as it matures during a program. Assembly simulations are created using an iterative process that enables them to be concurrently developed as the product, process, and resources mature. Simulation provides a three-dimensional graphical visualization of the assembly process that includes engineering parts, design tools, hand tools, human models, and other resources. Assembly simulations are used to perform analysis of engineering data to determine interference checks and assembly variations to create an efficient repeatable process.

Casting and molding analysis consists of modeling and simulation of the flow of molten materials into molds, as well as the thermal aspects of cooling and solidification.

Machining and forming analysis consists of modeling of material removal by cutting operations and forming of metals by forging and sheet-metal forming.


Classes of engineering design and analysis tools are grouped by discipline, skill, or function:

  • Avionics design / analysis

  • Guidance, navigation, and control design and analysis

  • Mass properties analysis

  • Affordability and cost-estimating analysis

  • Physics-based performance models

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