Articulating the Gap:


Laying the Issues on the Doorsteps of Leadership


Keynote Speaker:



Donald M. Berwick, M.D., CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Boston, MA


Question & Answer Session for Keynote Speaker


Overview of Afternoon Session



Reed V. Tuckson, M.D. provides an overview of post-lunch crosscutting strategy sessions and briefly describes condition-specific working group assignments.


Remaining session open only to pre-registered participants due to space constraints.


Working Lunch



Note: Participants were assigned to lunchtime working groups in advance of the Summit. Please attend only your assigned working groups as care was taken to have a mix of stakeholders represented. Pick up a lunch box in the Great Hall.


Asthma Group – Members’ Room


Depression Group – Room 180


Diabetes Group – Lecture Room


Heart Failure Group – Room 150


Pain Control Group– Board Room


National Champions – Executive Dining Room


Cross Cutting Strategy Sessions I



Note: Each strategy session will be repeated. Participants were provided the opportunity to select their sessions in advance of the Summit. Again, please attend only your assigned working groups as care was taken to have a mix of stakeholders represented. Logistical information below.


Cross Cutting Strategy Sessions II


Care Coordination – Room 180



Co-facilitators: Gerard Anderson, Ph.D. & Christine Cassel, M.D.



Community examples: Kaiser Bellflower & Philadelphia Department of Health


Community Activation/Leadership – Room 150



Co-facilitators: Shoshanna Sofaer, Dr.P.H. & David Stevens, M.D.



Community examples: The Pediatric/Adult Asthma Coalition of New Jersey & Rochester Health Commission


Finance – Members’ Room



Co-facilitators: Peter Lee, J.D. & Steve Udvarhelyi, M.D.



Community examples: Grand Rapids Medical Education & Research Center & Mission-St. Joseph’s Health System Asheville Project


Information and Communications Technology – Room 280 (second floor)



Co-facilitators: David Kibbe, M.D. & David Brailer, M.D., Ph.D.



Community examples: County of Santa Cruz, CA & Madigan Army Medical Center


Measurement – Board Room



Co-facilitators: Judith Hibbard, Ph.D. & Arnold Milstein, M.D.



Community examples: Intermountain Health Care Depression in Primary Care Initiative & The Washington State Diabetes Collaborative


Patient-Self Management – Lecture Room



Co-facilitators: Kate Lorig, R.N., Ph.D. & Russell Glasgow, Ph.D.



Community examples: Controlling Asthma in Richmond Metropolitan Area & The Oregon Heart Failure Project

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