Depression Working Group Questions

  1. Measurement: How can we establish a common set of performance measures for depression, incorporating consumer satisfaction as well as outcomes?

  2. Information and Communications Technology: Given issues of stigma, confidentiality, and anonymity, how can we incorporate behavioral health information into patients’ electronic health records and registries?

  3. Care Coordination: What strategies can we implement to enhance communication between primary care physicians and specialists, including multiple behavioral health providers?

  4. Policy: What can be done to address gaps in policy to support the evidence-based treatment of major depression in both the private and public sectors (i.e. screening, care management, follow-up)?

  5. Finance: How can we align financial incentives to support an integrated approach among primary and specialty care, employers, and payers for the assessment and treatment of major depression?

  6. Community Activation: How can we foster community linkages to support patients (consumers) and families facing the challenges of major depression?

Diabetes Working Group Questions

  1. Measurement: What strategies can be used to further adoption of diabetes measures and better performance among those already collecting and reporting such measures?

  2. Information and Communications Technology: What is the highest-leverage focus for information and communications technology to improve diabetes care (e.g., to support tracking, decision support, communications, measurement/ accountability), and what are the key strategies for furthering its implementation?

  3. Care Coordination: What are the highest-leverage strategies to support coordination of care between individual practitioners and organizations, with the goal of improving care for those with diabetes?

  4. Patient Self-Management: What are the key steps clinicians, health care organizations, and community organizations can take to create and foster patient self-management?

  5. Finance: What strategies can be used to make the business case to payers for supporting patient self-management and care management activities for those with diabetes?

  6. Community Activation: What are the most effective ways of activating the major stakeholders in a community to focus on diabetes care?

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