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MS. KELLER-MCNULTY: Our next session has to do with integrated data streams. Actually, it has been alluded to in the sessions prior to this as well, the multiplatforms, how do you integrate the data?

We are going to start off with a talk that is sort of overview in nature, that is going to present some pretty broad problems that we need to start being prepared—we need to start to prepare ourselves how to address. That is going to be by Doug Season, who is one of the deputy lab directors in the threat reduction directorate at Los Alamos. He has been involved with different presidential advisors at OSTP throughout his career, for both Clinton and Bush, has a long history of looking into and being interested and doing, himself, science in this whole area.

That is going to be followed by a talk by Kevin Vixie, who will look at some hyperspectral analyses, kind of focus in on a piece of this problem. He is a mathematician at Los Alamos.

Finally, our last speaker will be John Elder, who has been looking hard at integrating models and integrating data, and both hardware and software methods to do that.

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