meetings and participated fully in two “mini-meetings” involving members of the panel who focused on specific aspects of survey operations. The Census Bureau staff who were invariably helpful included William Bostic, Stacey Cole, Paul Hsen, Kimberly Moore, John Slanta, and Julius Smith. Adding strength and perspective to the discussion of cognitive issues in survey design at the mini-meeting on cognitive issues was Don Dillman of Washington State University.

The panel thanks QRC Macro staff members Susan Akin, Dan McMaster, Mark Morgan, and Michael Rossi, and Jim Smith of WESTAT, who freely assisted us in understanding the strengths and limitations of their operations.

The panel is also indebted to many others who made presentations on data and methodological issues, assisting us to focus on all aspects of the surveys, from concepts to uses. In addition to Lynda Carlson and John Jankowski, who participated in the initial meeting of the panel, the panel benefited from the work of Michael Bordt, Statistics Canada; Donna Fossum, RAND Corporation; Barbara Fraumeni, Bureau of Economic Analysis; Michael Gallaher, Research Triangle Institute; August Goetzfried, EUROSTAT; David Goldston, House Science Committee; Tomorhio Ijichi, University of Tokyo; Anita K. Jones, University of Virginia; Key Koizumi, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Anna Larsson, EUROSTAT; Gregory Tassey, National Institute of Science and Technology; and John Walsh, University of Tokyo.

The study director conducted many interviews with several other prominent users, providers, and producers of data on research and development. In addition to those who gave presentations at the open meetings of the panel, the panel recognizes the contributions of David Appler, Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer; William Bonvillian, Office of Senator Lieberman; Rick Cheston, Government Accountability Office; Michael Davey, Congressional Research Service; Floyd DesChamps, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Technology; Mark Herbst, Office of the Secretary of Defense; Ken LaSala, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Technology; Chan Lieu, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Technology; Charles Ludlam, Office of Senator Lieberman; Bob Palmer, House Committee on Science; David Radzanowski, U.S. Office of Management and Budget; Maurice Swinton, Small Business Administration; Jean Tol-Eisen, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Technology; and David Trinkle, U.S. Office of Management and Budget.

The panel wishes to thank the senior staff of the General Motors Research and Development Center, which hosted members of the panel at its facilities in October 2003 for a wide-ranging discussion of the company’s organization for research and development and its use of federal R&D

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