45 cm, including a raised area of approximately 55 × 30 cm where one rabbit or two compatible rabbits can be housed. Without a raised area, floor space should be 5600 cm2 for one rabbit and 6700 cm2 for two rabbits. According to Swiss law, one rabbit or two compatible rabbits can be housed in a cage with a floor that measures 4200 cm2 + 1800 cm2 with a height of 60 cm (SOAP 1991).

In the process of refinement of housing standards, the following points should be taken into account:

  1. Biological facts and scientific evidence (related to the animals);

  2. Experimental tasks and constraints (related to the research goals);

  3. Practical experience (related to the debating subjects);

  4. Ethical principles (related to animal protection); and

  5. Assessment of economical and political reasonableness (related to human societies).


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