Summary of Content Relevant to Committee’s Charge

Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems: Science, Technology, and Public Policy (1992)

Outlines a national strategy for restoring the nation’s aquatic ecosystems. The report discusses aquatic ecosystem functions in a larger ecological landscape greatly influenced by other components of the hydrologic cycle, including adjacent terrestrial systems. Because existing environmental decisions are often fragmented, the report suggests that analysis of aquatic ecosystems should be integrated into the larger ecological landscape, especially in the issue of restoration. It recommends that an aquatic ecosystem restoration strategy be developed for the nation, which includes innovation in financing and use of land and water markets

Assigning Economic Value to Natural Resources (1994)

Explores the major issues and controversies associated with incorporating natural resources and the environment into economic accounts. It also responds to the many discussions on how to make U. S. economic indicators, such as gross national product (GNP), reflect the state of the environment more accurately. The first section of the report, based largely on the results of a three- day workshop of experts in the field, discusses the possibilities and pitfalls in so- called “green” accounting. This is followed by a selection of nine individually authored papers on scientific aspects of related issues

Wetlands: Characteristics and Boundaries (1995)

Establishes a reference definition of wetlands, providing a standard by which regulatory definitions and actions can be assessed, and recommends changes in current U. S. regulatory practices to strengthen objectivity and scientific validity. The report includes a section on functional assessment of wetlands that discusses requirements and existing and future methods of wetlands functional assessments. It recommends analysis of these functions with emphasis on interactions between wetlands and their surroundings and on various classes of wetlands in a specific region

Valuing Ground Water: Economic Concepts and Approaches (1997)

Examines approaches for assessing the economic value of groundwater and the costs of contaminating or depleting this resource. It also suggests a framework for policymakers and managers to use in evaluating trade- offs when there are competing uses for groundwater. The report also discusses a number of approaches to value services of nonmarket goods—in this case, groundwater, which is a unique resource and has no close substitute

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