1. What are the dominant methods you use to evaluate the success of interdisciplinary programs? (select up to three or add your own).

    __ Level of (or potential for) scientific discovery or innovation

    __ Quality of leadership

    __ Attracting a greater number/mix/caliber of undergraduates into science

    __ Enhancing the richness of the undergraduate/graduate experience

    __ Increasing the ability to attract outstanding faculty/postdocs

    __ Societal relevance of problem being addressed

    __ Enhancing institution’s reputation

    __ Increasing institution’s research funding levels

    __ Do not know

    __ Other (Please describe):

Proposed Recommendations

  1. If you could recommend one action each of the following could take that would best facilitate interdisciplinary research, what action would that be?

    1. Institutions:

    2. Units/Departments:

    3. Funding Agencies:

    4. Journal Editors:

    5. Principal Investigators/Team Leaders:

    6. Educators:

    7. Postdocs:

    8. Students:

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