on each province are shown graphically in Figure 9, and, for future needs, in Figure 10. The difference between the current level of importance and the future level of importance is also given in Appendix C (Table 14) and in Figure 11. Although analyses of these data are based only on the “extremely important” response categories, which are interpreted to reflect the most pressing future demand (needs) of map users, addition of weighted “moderately important” responses would not change appreciably the relative ranking of the provinces. Most geoscience map users are somewhat restricted geographically in their work, probably most working in only a province or two, which accounts for a high background level of the “not important values” for this question.

The conterminous United States onshore provinces are discussed in terms of current and future needs, followed by a brief analysis of the changing needs. Because of the special, and in some cases unique, needs and problems associated with the Alaskan and offshore provinces, each is discussed in a separate section. In all sections, the provinces are identified by the letter-number code shown on the map of Figure 1, and listed in question 12 (Appendix A).


Current Needs

In terms of current map needs, the 10 most important provinces, based on all “extremely important” responses to question 12 are, in decreasing order:

Gulf Coastal Plain (E1)

Basin Range-Rocky Mountains Foreland Province (B6)

Central Rocky Mountains Thrust Belt (B4)

Basin Range (B2)

Northern Rocky Mountains Thrust Belt (B3)

Midcontinent Region (C3)

Colorado Plateau (B7)

Southern Great Plains (C2)

Southern Rocky Mountains (B5)

Northern Great Plains (C1)

The Gulf Coast (E1) is the single highest ranked province for overall current needs. Six of the top-10-ranked provinces are in the Basin Range-Rocky Mountain, and three are in the Great Plains-Midcontinent. The

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