his two brothers to come to the United States for their continuing education. In addition, the prominent New England merchant and philanthropist, Edward Max Chase, came to the assistance of the Pekeris brothers. He, too, was an immigrant from Lithuania. He provided the young men with immigration affidavits, helped them find employment, and paid some of the tuition expenses.

The two brothers and Chaim, too, became U.S. citizens. Jacob, the older of the two younger brothers, became a teacher and spent the rest of his life in New England. He died at the young age of 31. Arthur became a specialist in agricultural products and settled in Denver, Colorado. Rachael, the older of the two sisters, became a Zionist and went to Israel (then Palestine) in 1935. Tovah, the younger of the two sisters was murdered by anti-Semitic townspeople in Alytus A, as were the parents, during the Holocaust. Furthermore, the family home was destroyed sometime during World War II.

Pekeris, as he was called by all but his most intimate friends, entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1925. At first he majored in mathematics but changed to meteorology and graduated with a B.Sc. degree in 1929. At that time meteorology was just being established at MIT, and it was a program administered in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering in the School of Engineering. Pekeris stayed at MIT for his graduate studies and became a student of Carl-Gustav Rossby. He graduated with his doctoral degree in 1933. It was the custom at MIT before World War II that doctoral graduates in the School of Science receive the Ph.D. degree and those in the School of Engineering receive the Sc.D. degree; thus, Pekeris received his Sc.D. The title of his Sc.D. thesis was “The Development and Present Status of the Theory of the Heat Balance in the Atmosphere.” It was not published, but it was circulated

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