FIGURE 5-3 Left: Existing and planned highways and infrastructure projects in the Brazilian Amazon: (top) highways and road and (bottom) major infrastructure projects. “Utilities” are gas lines and power lines, while “channels” are river channelization projects. Right: Predicted forest degradation by the year 2020 with (top) “optimistic” and (bottom) “pessimistic” scenarios. Black is deforested or heavily degraded, including savannahs and other nonforested areas. Red is moderately degraded, yellow is lightly degraded, and green is pristine. SOURCE: Laurance et al. (2001).

toring of land-use change (e.g., Steyaert et al., 1997; Loveland et al., 2000, 2002) for the United States and globally will permit detailed data to be obtained into the future.

The consequences of future land-use change on the forcing of the climate system include alterations in the surface albedo, portioning of the surface net radiation between latent and sensible turbulent fluxes, and trace

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