cited would certainly be a worthy target, and would require extensive use and re-use of NOAA’s environmental data. The workshop participants strongly believe that there is much more of value that can be mined from NOAA’s archived and real-time data.

I have chosen to package the possible work that the NRC might do for NOAA in three large studies, with each possibly taking the better part of two years at a cost of the order of $500-700K. There are undoubtedly other ways in which the work could be arranged. The NRC staff will be glad to explore those with anyone you designate. As I said at the workshop, NOAA occupies an extraordinarily important role in the federal hierarchy. We all perceive that the NOAA role will be a growing and increasingly important one. We look forward to participating in developing that role in whatever manner is appropriate.

Sincerely yours,

John H. McElroy


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