served as lead on the TMCO (Technical, Management, Cost and Other) E/PO panel to support review and analysis of findings for mission concept study feasibility. She served as co-chair for the OSS/Education Division Working Group and principal liaison between OSS and the NASA Education Division. Ms. Pertzborn currently serves as co-chair for the June 2004 U.S./India Conference on Space Science, Applications and Commerce; co-convener for the April 2004 European Geoscience Union’s, Education and Outreach Session; and as the lead E/PO consultant for the NASA Headquarters Mars Program Office.

National Research Council Staff

Claudette K. Baylor-Fleming has worked as a senior program assistant with the NRC’s Space Studies Board since 1995, primarily as the program assistant to the director and administrative officer. She came to the NRC in 1988, first serving as senior secretary for the Institute of Medicine’s Division of Health Sciences Policy, and then working for 7 years as the administrative/financial assistant for the NRC’s Board on Global Change. In 2003, Ms. Baylor-Fleming completed two certificate programs, one at the Catholic University of America in Web technologies and the other at Trinity College of Washington in information technology applications. She is currently pursuing a BA in graphic design from American University.

Richard Leshner is a research associate for the Space Studies Board and a PhD candidate in science and technology policy at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Mr. Leshner worked as a space systems engineer focusing on the integration of power, heating, and propulsion systems before coming to the National Research Council. In addition to a general interest in space policy, Mr. Leshner’s research interests include the history and progress of satellite programs in the Earth sciences, international cooperation in space, export control policy and the politics of defense trade controls, the theory and practice of technology transfer, and the role of interest groups in the policy-making process.

Robert L. Riemer is a senior program officer with the Board on Physics and Astronomy and the Space Studies Board. Before joining the NRC in January 1985, Dr. Riemer was a senior project geophysicist for Gulf Oil Exploration and Production Company. He received a BS with honors in physics and astrophysics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a PhD with honors in physics from the University of Kansas-Lawrence. Dr. Riemer served as study director for the 1991 and 2000 decadal surveys of astronomy and has worked with many NRC committees, ranging in subject areas from various fields of physics and astronomy to mathematics and interdisciplinary research.

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