Implementation Strategies
  • Does the agency have guidelines for the percentage of technology funds that are used for intramural technology implementation versus the percentage of technology funds used for extramural technology implementation?

  • Roles of government, university, and industry

    • What are the roles of the following organizations in implementation of technology programs?

      • Agency/national laboratories

      • Universities

      • Industry

      • Small business

    • Aside from SBIRs, how does the agency engage small business creativity?

    • Do the roles of government laboratories, industry, and universities change relative to the low, medium, high technology readiness level investments?

  • What role does technology implementation play in maintaining agency core competency within the agency’s internal laboratories?

  • In the formulation phase, do new program initiatives invest in technology risk reduction projects?

  • Competitive solicitations

    • What role do technology roadmaps play in shaping solicitations and in preparing private industry and universities for solicitations?

    • Is a competitive (or other) process used to select the technology projects that are implemented intramurally? Extramurally?

    • Does your agency conduct direct competitive solicitations between industry and government labs?

  • In a time of risk minimization, how are innovations and breakthroughs fostered by agency solicitations?

  • Have you had any experience with the concept of using captive suppliers to facilitate rapid innovation and to better involve small business?


  • What mechanisms are used by the federal agency from which you have funding? Is it primarily through the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program or the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program?

  • In your opinion, are the SBIR/STTR program goals and objectives focused on agency mission goals and objectives or on broader commercialization goals and objectives?

  • What is one SBIR success story?

  • In your opinions, what are SBIR’s best achievements as related to innovation, agency mission achievement, commercial success, and specific benefit to the public?

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