• What type of research and technology program would lead to the most innovative contributions (from academia) for NASA’s human and exploration initiatives (e.g., sponsored research centers, university consortium model, individual investigator awards, multiyear awards, technology demonstrations, flight demonstrations, flight experiments)?

  • What research and technology opportunities do you recommend for universities to be full participants in NASA’s Exploration Initiative?

  • Describe intellectual property issues from the university perspective.

  • What is the ideal global collaboration model among universities?

  • What role do peer reviews play in assuring and improving the quality of your sponsored research and technology?


  • What is the appropriate use of competitive solicitations/awards and noncompetitive awards in your model?

  • Should government organizations/centers compete directly against industry, and if so, with what guidelines or constraints?

  • In your opinion, were there limitations or barriers to relevant information sharing, and if so what were they and how might they have been eliminated?

  • What were the relationships of your partners, subcontractors, and suppliers to your company/organization and to each other?

  • Was there international company/organization participation, and how was that relationship structured?

  • What were the contracting mechanisms used in your example, at each level of work?

  • Did your example utilize incentives other than cash fees, such as prizes?

  • How were company/organization roles and responsibilities established?

  • What performance metrics were used, and how were they measured?

  • Was the trust in the relationships involved formalized or informal—for example, with regard to conflict resolution and sharing of rights and rewards?

  • What mechanisms were used to attract and retain the workforce?

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