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Cover (clockwise from left): Axial MRI scan of the human brain; decoherence of electron spins near a quantum phase transition by a nuclear spin bath, imaged by inelastic neutron scattering as a function of magnetic field, courtesy H.M. Ronnow, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique at Grenoble, France; Meissner-effect levitation of a high-temperature superconductor over a rare-earth magnet, courtesy F. Kraehenbuehl, Cables Cortaillod S.A.; ribbon representation of a large protein complex composed of two copies of the E. coli histidine phosphocarrier protein (in green) and two copies of subunit A of the enzyme II mannose protein (in red and blue), courtesy M. Clore and D.C. Williams, National Institutes of Health.

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