• Press Packet (Folder) by SafeMinds, National Autism Association, Moms Against Mercury, Nomercury.org, BC&A International, Unlocking Autism, Coalition for Mercury Free Drugs, Autism Autoimmunity Project. (Joint Statement: Submitted to the Committee on Review of NIP’s Research Procedures and Data Sharing Program on August 23, 2004)

  • Professional paper by Russell Blaylock, MD. (Submitted by L.J. O’Brien, September 1, 2004)

  • Responses to questions raised by the IOM Committee on the Review of NIP VSD Data Sharing Program, with attachments A-E. (Submitted by NIP on October 4, 2004)

  • Summary Statistics—Thimerosal Study: Attachment #1 by D. Weldon. (Submitted by Congressman Dave Weldon on September 17, 2004)

  • TrialTech Visit as Technical Monitor to the NCHS RDC, by Adelman T, Shabe P, 2004. (Submitted by National Immunization Program [NIP], November 2004)

  • Vaccine Safety Datalink Project, Confidentiality Assurance Statement. (Submitted by NIP on October 6, 2004)

  • VSD Contract with attachment A-J. (Submitted by NIP on October 6, 2004)

  • Safety of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines: A Two-Phased Study of Computerized Health Maintenance Organization Databases by Verstraeton et al., 2003. (Submitted by Congressman Dave Weldon on September 17, 2004)

  • Judgement Under Uncertainty: Suspending the Use of Rotavirus Vaccine by M. Wharton (CDC), 2000. (Submitted by M. Wharton on October 21, 2004)

  • Mothering Magazine. No. 125. (Submitted by L. Sykes on August 23, 2004)

  • Guidelines for Archival Datasets and Documentation from Completed Vaccines Safety Datalink (VSD) Studies; Draft 4.0. (Submitted by NIP November 2004)

  • General Description. (Submitted by J. Madans on August 20, 2004)

  • Procedures for Use of the RDC. (Submitted by J. Madans on August 20, 2004)

  • Progressive Convergence. Do Not Vaccinate Your Child Without Due Diligence. Find Out About Mercury in Their Vaccinations. (Submitted by Progressive Convergence on August 24, 2004)

  • Thimerosal paper in Frank DeStefano’s presentation in October. (Submitted by P. Harvey on December 9, 2004)

  • Letter to F. Pavley by J. McCandless. (Submitted by J. McCandless on August 13, 2004)

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