Pregnancy Screening

Considering that the rate of inadvertent exposure to smallpox vaccine during pregnancy is lower than expected and it is impossible to detect all pregnancies at the time of vaccination, the committee does not recommend extra pregnancy screening efforts at this time.

Evaluation and Safety Studies

The committee recommends that CDC begin developing a structured, prioritized research agenda that can aid decision-making as the smallpox preparedness program moves forward.

The committee recommends that in the short term, studies of the serious adverse events should receive the highest priority. For safety-related questions, in the longer term, studies examining long-term outcomes for those who experienced both serious and mild adverse events and studies of how mild adverse events contributed to lost work or social function should be a high priority. For system-related questions, in the longer- term, studies of cost and opportunity costs should be a high priority.


If CDC intends to use scenarios as a planning tool, the committee recommends that the scenarios represent a range of possible situations, be used to help guide state and local planning activities, and facilitate state and local assessment of their level of preparedness.

The committee recommends that a flexible, incremental, science-based decision-making and management structure for smallpox response that includes all levels of government be developed and communicated to state and local agencies so that the consequences of a smallpox outbreak can be managed effectively.

The committee recommends that CDC consider conducting the preparedness assessments on a multi-year basis.

The committee recommends that CDC address its immediate need of measuring cooperative agreement compliance with a concise and simple set of indicators, and then use this set of indicators as the foundation of a longer, deliberative, national process to develop measures that address the full range and appropriate balance of preparedness activities.

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