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ICD-9 codes

ICD-10 codes


Acute monocytic



Chronic monocytic



Other monocytic


C93.2, C93.7, C93.9

Other leukemia

Other acute


C94.4, C94.5; C95.0

Other chronic

207.1, 208.1

C94.1; C95.1

Aleukemic, subleukemic and “not otherwise specified”

203.1, 207.2, 207.8, 208.2–208.9

C90.1; C91.5; C94.3, C94.7; C95.2, C95.7, C95.9

Miscellaneous malignant neoplasms

159.1, 195.0–195.8, 196.0–196.9, 199.0–199.1, 202.3, 202.5–202.6, 203.8

C26.1; C76.0–C76.8; C77.0–C77.9; C78.0–C78.8; C79.0–C79.8; C80; C88.0–C88.9; C96.0–C96.2, C96.7, C96.9; C97

a Cancers of the peripheral nerves and the autonomic nervous system are classified as “soft tissue” in the ICD.

Adapted from: Ries LAG, Eisner MP, Kosary CL, Hankey BF, Miller BA, Clegg L, Mariotto A, Fay MP, Feuer EJ, Edwards BK (eds). SEER Cancer Statistics Review, 1975-2000, National Cancer Institute. Bethesda, MD, Table A-4.


Anderson RN, Minino AM, Hoyert DL, Rosenberg HM. 2001. Comparability of cause of death between ICD-9 and ICD-10: preliminary estimates. National Vital Statistics Reports 49(2):1–32.

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