tively, overseas. The Twinning Program would mobilize health professionals for short- and long-term deployments keyed to specific needs of host countries and/or organizations. In addition, the committee proposes that gaps in human resources for health be evaluated for each PEPFAR focus country through formal needs assessments that could double as a baseline for follow-up evaluation of workforce capacity and distribution. Once these needs assessments had been carried out, uniform data for all countries could be compiled in a central electronic clearinghouse to enable the recruitment of other skilled health professionals. This virtual clearinghouse would thereby utilize information posting and global networking to further support the work of many other organizations and professionals contributing to the fight against global HIV/AIDS.

The committee believes that all six programs proposed for the GHS would be helpful in meeting the prevention, treatment, and care goals of PEPFAR. At the same time, some countries might choose to avail themselves of one resource more than another based on their individual needs.

The remainder of this chapter is divided into six sections, each describing one of the six proposed GHS programs (for a summary, see Table 5-1). Each section presents in turn background information (often echoing themes and evidence presented earlier in this report), the committee’s recommendation for that program, a fuller description of the program, and the rationale and evidence behind the committee’s recommendation. In some cases, there is also a discussion of deployment, public versus private placement of the program, and program costs.

TABLE 5-1 Six Proposed Programs of the U.S. Global Health Service

Global Health Service Corps

A small group of highly skilled professionals, deployed for a minimum of 2 years

Health Workforce Needs Assessment

A standardized health personnel needs assessment for all PEPFAR focus countries

Fellowship Program

A $35,000 award to enable health professionals to work overseas for a minimum of 1 year

Loan Repayment Program

A $25,000 loan repayment for qualified health professionals for each year of a 2-year service overseas

Twinning Program

A mechanism for short-, medium-, or long-term mobilization of needed skilled professionals


A resource using information technology for recruitment, information posting, and networking

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