Recommendation 10:

Investigators, institutions, Institutional Review Boards, and privacy boards should ensure that authorizations are received from donors, as appropriate and required by federal human subjects protections and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for the confidential transmission of personal health information to repositories or to investigators who are using hES cell lines derived from donated materials.

Recommendation 11:

Investigators and institutions involved in hES cell research should conduct the research in accordance with all applicable laws and guidelines pertaining to recombinant DNA research and animal care. Institutions should consider adopting Good Laboratory Practice standards for some or all of their basic hES cell research.

Recommendation 12:

hES cell research leading to potential clinical application must be in compliance with all applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. If FDA requires that a link to the donor source be maintained, investigators and institutions must ensure that the confidentiality of the donor is protected, that the donor understands that a link will be maintained, and that, where applicable, federal human subjects protections and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or other privacy protections are followed.


Recommendation 13:

When donor gametes have been used in the in vitro fertilization process, resulting blastocysts may not be used for research without consent of all gamete donors.

Recommendation 14:

To facilitate autonomous choice, decisions related to the production of embryos for infertility treatment should be free of the influence of investigators who propose to derive or use hES cells in research. Whenever it is practicable, the attending physician responsible for the infertility treatment and the investigator deriving or proposing to use hES cells should not be the same person.

Recommendation 15:

No cash or in kind payments may be provided for donating blastocysts in excess of clinical need for research purposes.

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