Cost Analysesa,c

Type of Data Considered as Basis of Assumption

Source of Dataa

Same as for nutrient analyses

Nutritional and developmental appropriateness

AAP, 2004

Representative of nutritional content

Reflects available data

Weighted mean (for total of 6 mo) of:

  • Strained (stage 1) for 2 mo, 2.5–3 oz container; and

  • Junior (stage 2) for 4 mo, 2.5–3 oz container

Representative of nutritional and developmental needs; reflects available data

ACNielsen Homescan, 2001


Representative of likely participant choices

Assumption for analyses

Weighting of choices assumed not relevant to pricing


Reflects all available data

gStrained meat prepared for infants without added starches, vegetables, or salt. Broth (unsalted; that is, without added sodium) may be an ingredient. Texture may range from pureed through diced.

NOTES : na = not applicable. The medical formulas required by infants with special dietary needs were omitted from this table. For additional detail on food specifications, see Table B-1, Appendix BNutrient Profiles of Current and Revised Food Packages.

DATA SOURCES: Price data and other information were obtained from Economic Research Service, USDA (ERS, 2004b, 1999 price data; Oliveira et al., 2001, 2000 infant formula price data), and ACNielsen Homescan (ACNielsen, 2001, 2001 price data obtained through ERS, USDA). Additional information was obtained from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP, 2004), USDA (FNS, 1984b), and manufacturer labeling and websites (Abbott Laboratories Online, 2004; Mead Johnson, 2004; Nestlé, 2005).

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