FIGURE 3-2 Orientation of surfactants at oil-water interface in dispersed oil droplets. Surfactant A is sorbitan monooleate (a.k.a., Span 80; HLB ≈ 4.3); surfactant B is ethoxylated (E20) sorbitan monooleate (a.k.a., Tween 80; HLB ≈ 15).

by the introduction of Corexit 9500, which includes the same surfactants incorporated into a different solvent (George-Ares and Clark, 2000). Both products contain a mixture of nonionic (48 percent) and anionic (35 percent) surfactants. The major nonionic surfactants include ethoxylated sorbitan mono- and trioleates and sorbitan monooleate; the major ionic sur-

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