which will result in the submission of the first draft of the synthesis product for scientific review by the National Research Council, is January 2005. The planned completion date for Phase 2, which will culminate with approval of the synthesis product by the President’s National Science and Technology Council, is October 2005. Specific milestones follow.


  • Lead authors nominated – July 04

  • Synthesis product prospectus released for public comment – July 04

  • First lead author meeting – August 04

  • Second lead author meeting – October 04

  • Third lead author meeting – December 04

  • Synthesis product first draft submitted for NRC scientific review – January 05


  • NRC review completed – April 05

  • Synthesis product second draft released for public comment – 1 June 2005

  • Public comment period completed– 15 July 2005

  • Synthesis product third draft and compilation of comments submitted to CCSP Principals – August 05

  • Synthesis product accepted by CCSP and submitted to NSTC for final review and approval – September 05

  • Synthesis product approved by NSTC – October 05


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