Executive Orders, Advisories, and Directives


2001 Patriot Act


Created SEVIS and US-VISIT concept

2002 Homeland Security Act


Created DHS; split authority for visas and immigration. DOS vets and issues documents, DHS handles policy and enforcement

2002 Enhanced Border Security And Visa Entry Reform Act (BSA)


Imposed border control (INS) on DHS

Mandated increased requirements for US-VISIT program integration, interoperability with other law-enforcement and intelligence systems, biometrics, and accessibility


VISAS Condor Implemented January 2002 BSA §306

Security screen for nationals of US-designated state sponsor of terrorism


Biometric Visa Program Began implementation September 2003 BSA §303

All visa applicants must have personal interview with consular official, scan fingerprints, and submit a photograph


Machine-Readable Passports (MRPs) for Visa Waiver Program (VWP) Countries (September 2005)

All VWP countries must implement MRPs incorporating biometric identifiers; nationals from VWP countries that do not issue such passports need to obtain a visa for US travel for visas issued after September 2005

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