FIGURE 2-1 Occupational Health Organizational Chart, NASA Headquarters.

although the offices are separate, they are mutually supported and cooperative. The centers are encouraged to communicate with Headquarters, and feedback mechanisms include biannual outbrief/inbrief surveys, news sheets disseminated via e-mail from Headquarters to the centers, an annual occupational health conference, the annual health and safety meeting, biweekly continuing professional education videoconferences, for centers, and an OH website (see above).

The range of occupational health services offered to civil servants and contract employees varies between centers, depending on the proportion of contract and civil servant employees at the site, as well as on contract specifications. Every site offers some level of preventive health including fitness centers, stress management, diet/nutrition, and so on, as well as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).

Occupational Medicine Strategic Planning

Strategic planning within NASA gave rise to the development of specific outcome metrics for the OCHMO that focused on the objective that

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