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In addition to above-mentioned action items in pursuit of regulatory and legal environment improvements, the following are deemed prudent:

  • The possibility and the need for amending “Main Sanitary Rules for Ensuring Radiation Safety” (OSPORB-99, SP. to additionally include the category of “very low-activity radioactive wastes” needs to be considered.

  • The introduction of the notion of “nondangerous wastes” into the practice of radioactive waste management, based on Radiological Safety Norms (NRB-99), along with predefined acceptable methods of the deposition of such wastes in the natural environment, needs to be considered. Besides, a procedure needs to be developed, on the basis of the NRB-99 requirements, for determination of what quantitative criteria should be used for an environmental impact assessment—with respect to local conditions; international practice; and specific formulated objectives of the rehabilitation of compound areas, buildings, and structures—once the rehabilitation is complete.

  • Functional requirements and criteria for accepting radioactive waste for final disposal, in compliance with the existing process, need to be developed and commissioned. This should be made as a clarification to the “Sanitary Rules for Radioactive Waste Management” document (SPORO-2002, SP2.6.6.1168-02).

  • Criteria for the complete rehabilitation of the former coastal servicing bases of the Navy’s Northern Fleet need to be formulated.

  • The procedures for the coordination of design documentation and the interaction among various regulatory bodies (e.g., the sanitary oversight committee and the fire authority) that participate in the processes of coordination and approval of design documentation relevant to the disposition and environmental rehabilitation of hazardously radioactive sites and items need to be updated (i.e., brought into compliance with the Russian government’s decisions regarding the functions of the federal executive branch). This should be done after the ongoing reform of the federal executive branch has been completed.

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