Current debates, 30–31

Current high school laboratory experiences, 6–9, 197

conclusions regarding, 6

laboratory facilities and school organization, 7–8

state standards and accountability systems, 8–9

teacher preparation for laboratory experiences, 7

Current laboratory experiences, 116–137

features of, 119–120

quality of current laboratory experiences, 123–133

quantity of laboratory instruction, 118–123

summary, 133–134

the unique nature of laboratory experiences, 117–118

Current patterns in implementing safety policies, 184–186

estimated costs of improving laboratory safety, 186

laboratory science safety checklists, 185

Current state of teacher knowledge, in preservice education, 145–148

uneven qualifications of preservice science education, 147–148

uneven qualifications of science teachers, 145–147

Curricula. See also New science curricula, developing;

Post-Sputnik science curricula

changing roles of, 29–30

influence on science instruction, 7, 61–64


Databases, access to large, 32

Daugherty, Ellyn, 65

Design of effective laboratory experiences

clearly communicated purposes, 101

integrated learning of science concepts and processes, 102

ongoing discussion and reflection, 102

principles for, 101–102

sequenced into the flow of information, 4, 102

Developing new science curricula, 23–26

new approaches included in post-Sputnik science curricula, 25

Developing practical skills, 77, 92–93

evidence from research on integrated instructional units, 93

evidence from research on typical laboratory experiences, 92–93

Developing scientific reasoning, 76–77, 90–92

evidence from research on integrated instructional units, 91–92

evidence from research on typical laboratory experiences, 90–91

Developing teamwork abilities, 77

Dewey, John, 20–21

Diffusion, across a selectively permeable membrane, 125

Disabilities Education Act, 50

Discovery learning and inquiry, 26–27

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