Test Administration
  1. Timing of the test:

    1. When is the test to be given? If dates are not yet decided, what is the process for deciding and when will the decision be made? Is the test a single day or a testing window? Is the test to be secure or not?

    2. Who must be tested? How many students are anticipated on any single day? Are there any student exemptions? How will accommodations be handled? Is the contractor expected to provide customer service phones on test day? What types of questions will need to be prepared for?

    3. What sampling procedures (if applicable) will be used?

    4. How will shipping of the proper supply of materials or online connections be handled? How will the contractor obtain enrollment data?

  1. Who is responsible at the local level? What are the administration instructions, the procedures for security of materials, the procedures for checking quantity and obtaining additional materials, if needed? What are the procedures for problem resolution (paper-and-pencil and online testing have different issues)?

  2. Training at local level: Who is eligible for testing, data collection procedures, standardization of administration, allowable accommodations? How is the return of materials handled? What are the procedures for breaches of test security?

  3. Test security and confidentiality of student information include:

    1. Current procedures in place at the local level.

    2. Explanation of the procedures the vendor will follow, including confidentiality procedures, secure storage requirements, numbering and sealing test booklets, the disposition of answer documents and test booklets at the end of administration, and records storage over multiple years.

Scoring and Reporting
  1. What is the expectation for standard setting? Identify the procedure, if it has been decided, or have bidders provide a plan for recommendation.

  2. Consider overall data collection needs: coordination with existing state collections, coordination with any other vendors, and coordination with other state assessments.

    1. What scores or data are to be reported and to whom?

    2. What data elements (e.g., demographic information) need to be collected with individual assessment responses?

    3. What form must score reports take: paper, online, or a combination?

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