Department of Energy

The Genomics:GTL program (formerly the Genomes to Life9 program) of the U.S. Department of Energy is intended to use the new genomic data and high-throughput technologies for studying the proteins encoded by the genome to explore the amazingly diverse natural capabilities of microbes. Progress in these areas is also likely to be important for the astrobiological goals of understanding the origin and evolution of life. (Additional details can be found in Appendix B.)

Astrobiology in Europe

The European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA)10 was created in 2001 to coordinate the different national research centers and to promote research in astrobiology in Europe. EANA is affiliated with the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Collaborative research areas in Europe’s astrobiology network include cosmochemistry, star and planetary formation, the chemistry of the origin of life, terrestrial life as a reference, and the search for habitats and signatures of life beyond Earth. (Additional information about astrobiology research in Europe can be found in Appendix B.)


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