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The Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation, currently Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC).


For more detail see Nagano (2002c, 2003b).


In the Regulation Law those entities licensed for specific “operations” for various activities related to nuclear energy and nuclear materials are regulated, such as power reactor operation, fuel fabrication, material transportation, spent fuel reprocessing, and radioactive waste disposal. This “regulation by operational entity” principle shows clear contrast with “regulation by materials” in the United States, for example, where nuclear materials are put under regulation regardless of who owns or handles them. As there was no specification of “storage of spent fuel” before the amendment, virtually none was allowed to stay as this was a situation of possessing stocks of spent nuclear fuel for the purpose of their storage. The amendment in 1999 meant that such an operation of spent nuclear fuel storage became recognized and put in the normal regulatory formula.


Among the electorate, 88.2 percent voted, of which negative votes for MOX fuel loading were 1925, supportive 1553, reserved 131, and invalid 16.


Tohoku Electric Power Co., which has Mutsu City in its supply territory and is considered the most desirable partner of the group, has not shown any interest in joining. Japan Atomic Power Co. was said in a newspaper article to have shown interest, but the company denied it.

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