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nant messages to come out of the symposium were that the primary spent fuel management solution for the next decades will be interim storage, the duration time of interim storage is becoming longer than earlier anticipated, and storage facilities will have to be designated also to receive spent fuel from advanced fuel cycle practices, that is, high burn-up and MOX spent fuel. The next international conference is planned for Vienna on June 2–6, 2003.


The major emphasis of spent fuel management in the near term program will be placed on

  • continuous review of spent fuel incidents and storage capacity worldwide

  • long-term issues of spent fuel storage covering optimization of cask and container loading and fuel failure classification

  • burn-up credit, including a particular depletion code for burn-up credit using chemical assay

  • extension of the operation of interim storage facilities

The IAEA continues various activities associated with spent fuel management by taking into account the General Conference Resolutions, requests from member states, recommendations of major meetings, and the IAEA Medium Term Strategy.



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