assurance techniques are not currently widespread in either government or commercial information technology (IT) systems or electronic records-management systems.

NARA’s mission to preserve essential evidence suggests that it take a much more active role in promoting digital authentication and integrity assurance techniques that agencies can use to safeguard the records they create. If NARA cannot provide state-of-the-art attestations about the records it holds, the records will not be honored as valid in an environment in which significantly better practices exist.

A well-designed and well-operated ERA itself can serve as an exhibit of “best practices” in the digital retention of electronic records, including both technical and operational methods for assuring record authenticity and integrity. Also, as new government IT systems are developed and as new records-management systems are developed or procured, NARA should assist agencies in their adoption of acceptable digital assurance measures. These techniques require software to create and maintain digital signatures and the like, but also operational measures to issue and manage cryptographic keys, and operational measures to ensure that the records-management system itself is not compromised.

The Records Management Redesign initiative, currently underway, provides an opportunity to inaugurate and promote the use of digital assurance techniques for government records. The thrust of this initiative is to engage the record-creating agencies in the overall records-preservation mission, taking on responsibility for defining, creating, and maintaining digital records in a form that streamlines the preservation and later use of the records. Strong assurance is a vital aspect of electronic records preservation that has not received adequate attention.

Until record creators use digital assurance methods that conform to NARA’s standards, agencies that create and hold electronic records should be held to stringent chain-of-custody standards for their holdings. When records without digital assurances are transferred to NARA’s custody, NARA should immediately augment these records with suitable digital assurances, which can then be maintained throughout the records’ life in the ERA. The ultimate goal must be to achieve and maintain the best digital assurances and other record-retention practices in both the creating agencies and the archive itself.

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