• how to disseminate or propagate technological knowledge, including why some are more successful than others in transferring good ideas and approaches into practical applications

  • implementing new technologies

  • human reliability issues and dealing with the “insider threat”

  • modernization of MPC&A through both incremental and revolutionary improvements

Mullen acknowledged that a number of forums already exist for exchanging information on MPC&A practice. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) plays a key role in these efforts, and professional societies, symposia, and conferences are all useful and important. He argued, however, that the urgency of the problem should motivate us to develop additional pathways for exchanging information and coordinating activities. Possible avenues for sharing best practices on MPC&A might include additional exchanges of technical information, training courses and seminars, and peer-to-peer exchanges. Further bilateral and multilateral program activities would also provide some important opportunities for sharing ideas, and it may be possible to accelerate some existing programs by opening new pathways for communication.

Mullen argued that there are a number of organizations which also might have a useful role in this ongoing dialogue. Professional societies, such as the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management, nuclear societies of many countries, and security societies might participate. Universities with expertise in nuclear science and technology could contribute significantly and are definitely an under-utilized resource in this arena. The participation of industry groups would also be important, and there might be some room to consider forming new industrial associations in support of the effort. Groups such as the Institute of Nuclear Power Operation and the World Association of Nuclear Operators might be important forums, and there might even be room for a “World Association of Nuclear Security Operations.” Mullen closed by suggesting that it would also be important to facilitate links among these groups and organizations, so that the exchange of information on best practices in MPC&A is as effective as possible.

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