TABLE 2-2 DHS Border and Transportation Security (BTS), Bureau of Custom and Border Protection (CBP), and Other Components Addressing Animal Diseases


Agency Description, Responsibilities, & Major Events

Border and Transportation Security (BTS)

• The largest of the 5 DHS directorates.

• Includes former U.S. Customs Service, border security function/enforcement division of INS, APHIS, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and the Transportation Security Administration.

• Responsible for securing the nation’s air, land, and sea borders.

• Responsible for securing the nation’s transportation systems and enforcing the nation’s immigration laws.

Bureau of Custom and Border Protection (CBP)

• March 1, 2003, approximately 42,000 employees were transferred from U.S. Customs Service, INS, and APHIS to the new CBP, a new agency under the BTS directorate within the DHS.

• Approximately 2,700 former USDA employees from the AQI program and APHIS were transferred into DHS.

• Former APHIS-PPQ personnel at ports of entry (POEs) who were directly involved in terminal/plane inspections (100% time) were transferred to DHS; those with 60-70% time not doing inspection at terminals/ planes were not transferred.

• The agricultural import and entry inspection functions that were transferred include: reviewing passenger declarations and cargo manifests to target high-risk agricultural passengers or cargo shipments.

• The new CBP also carries out the traditional missions of the predecessor agencies making up CBP (seizing illegal drugs and other contraband at the U.S. border; apprehending people who attempt to enter the U.S. illegally; detecting counterfeit entry documents; determining the admissibility of people and goods; protecting U.S. agricultural interests from harmful pests or diseases; regulating and facilitating international trade; collecting duties and fees; enforcing all laws of the United States at borders).

Office Field Operations (OFO)

• Oversees over 25,000 employees at 20 field operation offices (OFOs), 317 POEs, and 14 preclearance stations in Canada and the Caribbean.

• Responsible for enforcing customs, immigration, and agriculture laws and regulations at U.S. borders.

• Manages core custom and border protection programs

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