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Title of Project

Financial Support (in rubles)

Development of methods for using heat shock protein to eliminate postoperative scarring

3.5 million

Study of processes involved in the synthesis of physiologically active proteins in cell-free systems

3 million

Creation of a transgenic potato resistant to viroidal, viral, and bacterial infections

2.5 million

Study of pharmacological properties of endogenous peptides (functional protein fragments)

4 million

Development of stem cell-based technologies for cell replacement therapy

3.4 million

Study of regulatory elements determining the boundaries of human genome domains and the effectiveness of their expression, as well as their use in improving genetic engineering methodologies

3.2 million

Development of nuclear magnetic resonance technologies and associated software for structural-functional proteomics and bioengineering

2.5 million

Development of microchip-based methods for analyzing biotoxins

2.2 million

Creation of a system for targeted delivery of gene therapy constructs based on hepatitis C (HCV) virions

4 million

Development of methods for three-dimensional spectral microtomography for studying cell transport and interactions of proteins and peptides

1.7 million

New methods of molecular modeling and molecular dynamics for structure-function analysis of proteins and peptides

3 million

Application of modern biotechnology approaches for increasing the effectiveness of anti-tumor gene therapy preparations

3 million

Study of the role of serine-threonine protein kinase of actinomycetes in regulating antibiotic resistance

3.3 million

Search for producers of biologically-active substances with hypolipidemic properties

2 million

Synthesis and determination of the structure and biological activity of new productive fluorquinolones

2.3 million


60 milliona

aThe exchange rate in 2003 was 30.7 rubles = $1.

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