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autonomous subsidiaries and facilities to be used for activities subject to licensing;

  1. For an individual entrepreneur: last name, first name, patronymic, place of residence, personal identification information, as well as location of business for activities subject to licensing;

  2. Licensee code identifier (according to the Russian National Registry of Enterprises and Organizations) and taxpayer identification number;

  3. Date of license approval decision;

  4. License number;

  5. Term of license validity;

  6. Information regarding registration of the license in the license register;

  7. Information regarding extension of the term of license validity;

  8. Information regarding re-licensing;

  9. Grounds for and dates of suspension and renewal of the license;

  10. Grounds for and date of nullification the license.

  1. Through scheduled and unscheduled inspections, the licensing authority oversees, within the bounds of its expertise, the licensee’s compliance with license requirements and conditions.

    Scheduled inspections are conducted no more than once every two years.

    Unscheduled inspections are conducted to verify that the licensee has corrected violations discovered during a scheduled inspection, or in the event that the licensing authority should receive from a state authority, legal entity, or private individual any information (confirmed by documents and other proof) regarding violation by the licensee of license requirements and conditions.

    The licensing authority shall notify the licensee of an upcoming inspection ten days prior to its commencement.

    The licensee must provide conditions for the licensing authority to conduct its inspections, including by providing information and documentation.

    The duration of an inspection must not exceed one month.

    Inspections are conducted on the basis of the licensing authority’s order, which specifies the licensee, time frame for inspection, and members of the inspection team. Inspection results are documented in an inspection report (in duplicate), which spells out specific violations and deadlines by which they must be corrected. One copy of the report is given to the licensee against his signature.

    The licensee notifies the licensing authority in writing of correction of the violations by the deadline specified in the inspection report.

  2. When conducting its licensing activity, the licensing authority operates in compliance with the Federal Law on Licensing of Selected Types of Activities.

SOURCE: Russian Federation (2002).

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