The committee may develop recommendations it considers appropriate and directly related to the subject matter of the study, including:

  1. improvements to the scientific and technical basis for managing the waste covered by the study, including the identification of technology alternatives and mitigation of technology gaps; and

  2. the best means of monitoring any on-site disposal sites from the waste streams referred to above to include soil, groundwater, and surface water monitoring.




Subpart C: Performance Objectives

Sec. 61.40 General requirement.

Land disposal facilities must be sited, designed, operated, closed, and controlled after closure so that reasonable assurance exists that exposures to humans are within the limits established in the performance objectives in Sec. 61.41 through 61.44.

Sec. 61.41 Protection of the general population from releases of radioactivity.

Concentrations of radioactive material which may be released to the general environment in ground water, surface water, air, soil, plants, or animals must not result in an annual dose exceeding an equivalent of 25 millirems to the whole body, 75 millirems to the thyroid, and 25 millirems to any other organ of any member of the public. Reasonable effort should be made to maintain releases of radioactivity in effluents to the general environment as low as is reasonably achievable.

Sec. 61.42 Protection of individuals from inadvertent intrusion.

Design, operation, and closure of the land disposal facility must ensure protection of any individual inadvertently intruding into the disposal site and occupying the site or contacting the waste at any time after active institutional controls over the disposal site are removed.

Sec. 61.43 Protection of individuals during operations.

Operations at the land disposal facility must be conducted in compliance with the standards for radiation protection set out in part 20 of this chapter, except for releases of radioactivity in effluents from the land disposal facility, which shall be governed by Sec. 61.41 of this part. Every reasonable effort shall be made to maintain radiation exposures as low as is reasonably achievable.

Sec. 61.44 Stability of the disposal site after closure.

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