1. Development of science and technology is intended to solve the tasks of the country’s social-economic progress and should be among the highest priorities of the Russian Federation.

  2. Science and technology are developed on the following bases:

  1. scientific-technical complexes including all organizations of different organizational-legal forms and forms of property which are involved in science, scientific-technical activity, and training of scientific workers, including personnel of the highest qualifications

  2. fundamental science, which has world-renowned scientific schools and a well-developed system of higher education

  3. most importantly, applied research and development (R&D) capabilities, industrial potential, unique production and other technologies, and scientific-technical reserves

  4. highly qualified scientific personnel and specialists, an information infrastructure, and material-technical and experimental bases

  5. experience and concentrated efforts in solving complex scientific-technical and technological problems on a national scale

  6. rich natural resources and well-developed transportation and communication infrastructures

  1. The objective of state policy in the development of science and technology is the transition to an innovative means of the country’s development on the basis of selected priorities.

  2. In order to reach the state policy objective in the field of science and technology, the following main tasks have to be accomplished:

  1. establishment of organizational and economic mechanisms for enhancing the domestic production demand for innovations based on advanced fundamental science and the most important kinds of applied R&D

  2. improvement of the normative legal basis for scientific, technical, and innovative activities

  3. adaptation of the scientific-technical complex to the conditions of a market economy, including the interaction between state and private capital with the purpose of developing science, technology, and engineering

  4. rational combination of the state regulatory and market mechanisms for the direct and indirect stimulation of scientific, scientific-technical, and innova-

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