Chapter 5 The Next Generation Air Transportation System Roadmap for Success

The U.S. aviation system must transform itself and be more responsive to the tremendous social, economic, political, and technological changes that are evolving worldwide.

5.1 Strategies

5.2 High-Level Roadmap

5.3 Key Challenges


Chapter 6 Approach to Transformation

Achieving the vision for air transportation will be done via collaboration among federal, state, and local government and private industry.

6.1 Changes in Government-Private Interactions

6.2 Changes within Government


Chapter 7 Transformation Strategies

The strategies outline the plans that the integrated product teams will expand and execute.

7.1 Develop Airport Infrastructure to Meet Future Demand

7.2 Establish an Effective Security System without Limiting Mobility or Civil Liberties

7.3 Establish an Agile Air Traffic System

7.4 Establish User-specific Situational Awareness

7.5 Establish a Comprehensive, Proactive Safety Management Approach

7.6 Develop Environmental Protection that Allows Sustained Aviation Growth

7.7 Develop a System-wide Capability to Reduce Weather Impacts

7.8 Harmonize Equipage and Operations Globally


Chapter 8 Next Steps

The U.S. government and industry partners are ready to move forward in the process of building the system of the future.


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