• Establish a comprehensive, proactive safety management approach.

  • Develop environmental protection that allows sustained aviation growth.

  • Develop a systemwide capability to reduce weather impacts.

  • Harmonize equipage and operations globally.

The organization of the JPDO and the Senior Policy Committee is summarized in Figure 1-1. To facilitate stakeholder involvement, the JPDO is establishing the NGATS Institute to assist in the selection of experts from industry and academia to participate on the IPTs and conduct analyses in support of the IPTs and JPDO. The JPDO has approximately 50 government and contractor staff, including the heads of the IPTs, some of whom are working with the JPDO on a part-time basis.

The secretary of transportation and the FAA administrator have both been supportive of the JPDO, as shown by their direct involvement in the work of the JPDO and their public statements. The involvement of senior executives from other departments as members of the Senior Policy Committee indicates the importance that other departments place on this activity.

In early 2004, NASA requested that the National Research Council (NRC) establish the Committee on Technology Pathways: Assessing the Integrated Plan for a Next Generation Air Transportation System (referred to hereinafter as the assessment committee). The assessment committee was directed to study the JPDO’s Integrated Plan, and it was given the option of discussing and commenting on the JPDO process for developing and implementing the Integrated Plan. The scope of the committee’s work included research and technology components of civil aviation, homeland security, and national security flight operations involving airlines, air taxis, helicopters, general aviation, and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the work of the IPTs. However, the IPT approach was approved during the first year of the JPDO’s existence, and the IPTs were still developing their individual plans during the course of this study. As a result, the assessment committee had limited opportunity for substantive interaction with the IPTs: Committee members met

FIGURE 1-1 Organization of the JPDO and the Senior Policy Committee. DOT, Department of Transportation; DHS, Department of Homeland Security; DOC, Department of Commerce; OSTP, Office of Science and Technology Policy; REDAC, Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committee. SOURCE: JPDO.

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