Program (CCSP) are similar to NOAA’s climate goals, and NOAA may therefore be able to implement part of the CDR program under the CCSP. If NOAA were to volunteer to be the lead or executive agency (or delegate leadership to a partner) responsible for satellite CDRs under the CCSP umbrella, NOAA could advance its climate mandate and assert national leadership. Because the CCSP structure already has built-in interagency interactions, NOAA could also leverage them for the CDR program.

Supporting Recommendation 6: NOAA should pursue appropriate financial and human resources to sustain a multidecadal program focused on satellite Climate Data Records.

Developing a CDR program is fundamentally important to the nation, and it is imperative that the effort not be inhibited by a lack of human or financial resources. Even if NOAA leverages funds and personnel from other agencies, academia, and private industry, and even if it integrates the CDR program into CCSP, it will still have to be aggressive in seeking additional funds. This program will require a long-term vision and commitment, and it will be important to account for inflationary increases when outlining the human and infrastructure needs for successfully generating, analyzing, reprocessing, storing, and disseminating CDRs.

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